13 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste - Visitors or Locals?

There are more exhibits to show you but today I fancied seeing people for a change. Here's a group crossing the gardens. I love the swish of the lady's skirt.

I wonder if they are local people taking a lunch break or visitors. Certainly the two on the left are in business clothes, aren't they? My bet is they work in Monaco - probably live here too or just outside. People watching is such fun, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Jilly.

My guess is that they are local, not visitors. Watching people is really fun, especially there. They always look chic, don't they.

I've been reading your blogs throughout and I think you have a very good visual eye for things and places. I was in Monaco seven years ago for a week but I could not find half of that you have seen and pointed us. So propably I should stay there a month or two to discover all beauty?

Best regards,

Pasi from Finland

Anonymous said...

They don't seem to be anxious to get somewhere like tourists and they do not seem to be loaded down with cameras, like tourists. They seem to be local people who hate to go back to work and are taking as long as they can to get there.

isa said...

The couple of locals on the left got engaged recently. Her mom, on the right, just flew in from Paris to take them out to lunch, to celebrate. Our best wishes to the young couple!

How's that?

Small City Scenes said...

Wouldn't they be a great sculpture?
Isabella nice imagination. MB

Unknown said...

They are too well dressed to be visitors. Are scruffy people allowed into Monaco? Even if they were millionaires!

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