23 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Installation Arabesque - Bernard Abril

'Through their simple appearance, the design of Bernard Abril's sculptures possess the enigmatic language of ancient writings, of muted words which force the ear to listen to the wind and the silence. Refuges without borders, they haunt us with wild thoughts. they are of another world, of another word, of anothr texture. Branches joined by careful ties, they bring to mind the mechanisms of chinese fishing nets in Fort Cochon, the small boats of Andes' Indians, dwellings in Bassora, the Kanak culture and...'

'Bernard Abril's sculptures span the history of our lives, and teach us to live in unison with our preconceived certitues.' Click on the link to go to the artist's website.

Happy Easter everyone!


Anonymous said...

At first I thought this must be wrong but then I re read your post and found it compelling and more interesting than initially considered. In fact silence and wind whistling through things like pine trees can be almost as nice, to me, as rain falling on a tin or metal roof.

A very nice photograph with your post today.

Easter greetings from Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

It has been such a pleasure to follow the art tour of the Ecofuturiste Expo. Some of the works are cluttered or not to my taste, but the very best, such as these runic poles, the charred tree trunks by Abril, and the hanging stone tablet by Lindjo speak about the earth in ways we should all hear in our hearts. Artists give a voice to elements of life that cannot otherwise be expressed. Are governments listening? Hope,


Radman said...

when will this ridiculous expo be over? this is junk not art.

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