11 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Structure 1 & Structure 2 - Luz

Luz is a photographer who "uses photography as a means to retranscribe stories emanating from her imagination, presented through a parallel world, which each spectator, using his own sensibility, can uncover."

She has two works installed in the Casino Gardens - they stand opposite each other. The small one on the left features a standing nude - the one above - well, you can see she is sitting. To see more of her photographs, please click on the link.

'Because time is precious, we need to act now' - Luz


Kim said...

If you hadn't pointed out the figure, I would have missed it entirely. What an interesting work!
Seattle Daily Photo

Jim Klenke said...

I love it, very interesting.

Olga said...

Jilly, thanks so much for commenting on my blog ;)

My fave Monaco sculpture has to be Adam and Eve by Fernando Botero ;) That's the most gorgeous one in the gardens behind the Casino. It's said to bring luck if you rub it in certain places ;) And it provokes such a fabulous reaction from tourists!

I hope it's still there!!!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Jilly, to be quite honest my dear, looking at this work, I have absolutely no idea what the story is that is emanating from Luz's imagination!


Lezard said...

Good you mentioned the nude figure, I would have completely missed it out! I look at her other photos, and some are very interesting I agree, but why always a trash environment? The woman as object of desire?
Nice to have shared this photographer with us!

Uma por Dia said...

This one is just beautiful!

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