14 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Pédociraptor Rex - Franck Tassi

You can read much more of the sculptor, Franck Tassi, by clicking on the link - a fascinating website. Here tho is a small amount of his bio:

'His style of expression shows man as both a creator as well as a victim, and often a prisoner of his technology and even a slave of his own inventions. In this - sometimes unbearable situation - there still remains an omnipresent sense of humour, which he considers the supreme form of criticism.'

'Nothing is thrown away nothing goes to waste, everything can be recreated' - Franck Tassi.

H.S.H. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, is 50 years old today: Happy Birthday, Prince Albert!


Ken said...

I like that sculpture. Very unique and well captured.

Anonymous said...

Love the sculpture. I'm a big fan of street art of any sort.
Happy B'day Albert. Inviting you for a glass of the bubbly stuff is he?

Uma por Dia said...

Happy birthday!

Unknown said...

An amusing work of art. Looks a great character for a cartoon film.

Small City Scenes said...

It looks like he is marching to his own tune. I can't believe Prince Albert is 50 already. Time is flying---I must be having fun. MB

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless!

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