08 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: Roundown - Denis Gibelin

The artist, Denis Gibelin, writes: 'Photo shots enable the beholder, through the lens, to see and place the spotlight on "subject matter."

Hope you can see it - in the centre of the construction, is a dead tree.

'Ecologists should take inspiration from the creative world of myth construction [...] in order to understand what we are and what we need to be.' - Denis Gibelin.

I hadn't decided which installation to feature today until I saw Nathalie's post at Avignon in Photos. Do click on the link to see my inspiration.


Uma por Dia said...

I'm just loving this series!

Southern Heart said...

Ditto uma's post...I'm enjoying it, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jilly, I must say our two photos look incredibly similar !!!

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