03 May 2009

Jardin Exotique - Dying Love

Graffiti on an Agave.

You were all correct. Maria was the first, so please send me your street address, Maria, and a postcard of Monte Carlo will arrive in your mail box.

As you can see, despite the grafitti the plant doesn't seem to have suffered. It grows from the inside, those outside leaves slowly die off and as they do, so will the names of these young couples swearing their undying love to each other. Let's hope their love doesn't die as the leaf dies.


Small City Scenes said...

How very interesting. We must leave our mark everywhere. MB

Halcyon said...

I guess people will find any way they can to leave their mark!!

Ming the Merciless said...

I don't know to say, AWWW! or ARGH!

Young love is great -- sweet and innocent, uncomplicated. But do they have to vandalize the poor plant?

Hilda said...

Oops. We used to do that to the succulents in our garden when we were kids. But at least they were ours and not in some public garden!

Hope your last line is true!

Catherine said...

Oh! no Jilly I haven't seen it !
That's amazing !
I love the one you show to begin the contest ! I wouldn't have found the answer, I guess. Because I'm not used to it, I see grafitti on tree trunk, we don't have cactus or Agave here.
We really get the same "eye" on things, Jilly. Or the same liking, or disliking.
I don't look enough to this Monaco blog, I must admit. Monaco is not from far, my favorite city in the surroundings of Menton. But I'm wrong, you present interesting picture too. Why ? Because you and I find the same interest concerning photography subjects.

hpy said...

There seems to be a lot of this. Is there something written on all the leaves?

Jilly said...

hpy, on this particular plant, it seems most of the older, lower leaves have been written on. Otherwise I didn't see it on any other plants in the Jardin Exotique. This particular plant is at the base of some steps and so particularly vulnerable.

Nabeel said...

more toward a "Dying plant" than dying love. This is not a good way to express love you know. Damn teenagers.

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