21 March 2008

Expo Ecofuturiste: The earth is in our hands - Claudia Albuquerque

Claudia Albuquerque was 'born in Paris at ...l'heure bleue. In the contemporary world of image, Claudia cruises around on the fringes, animated by the noblest driving force: Love!'

'She studied in Europe and the United States. Her wealth lies in the dual culture she has finely accumulated in Paris, Monte Carlo, New York, Bel Air, Hollywood, London, Mexico...the greatest stages in the world. "Monte Carlo is the Heart of glamour in this World!" says Claudia. "This is where you land in paradise. It's Magic you're here!"'

Apart from the painting displayed here, Claudia exhibited another painting commemorating one of the five Living Memorial Groves in the city of New York, each with a clear view of downtown Manhattan, where the Twin Towers stood. This is funded by the Living Memorial Tree Foundation under the patronage of HSH Prince of Albert of Monaco, with the help and support of the NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation, AMERICAN FORESTS and the Municipal Arts Society of New York. I plan on featuring this work on September 11 this year.

'The earth is in our hands' - Albert II, Prince de Monaco.


Carraol said...

I love this kind of Expos, it brings Art to a lot of people. Great posts! Cheers from MC.

Unknown said...

An unusual and thought provoking picture.

Thanks for your continued visits and have a Happy Easter.

Kate said...

The photo is not only thought-provoking, but it's scary as well!

Rob said...

I really liked your last line, 'The earth is in our hands' - Albert II, Prince de Monaco. Prince Albert is so right, yet I fear we are doing the earth wrong. Fabulous painiting.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Jilly, is this exhibit still running ? If so, how do they protect the pieces from the weather elements?

This whole expo seems like such an interesting place to walk through. There are so many different styles, testures and interpretations of the environment and man's interaction and impact with it.

Philippe Pastor's Arbres Brûlés was particularly moving. Arson is such a heartbreaking tragedy.

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