16 December 2007

Metropole at Christmas

Just off to the right, on the lowest level, is FNAC: the shop in France where you can get CDs, DVDs, books, all-things-computer, cameras, etc. I love it and when I visit, usually grab a coffee and a brioche sucré in the space you see below. Great people-watching place it is too.

What do you like to drink and eat when you take a break from shopping?


Ann (MobayDP) said...

Ooh that is pretty!

I like stopping for a nice cup of hot chocolate and some pastry. :)

Anonymous said...

I bet those shops aren't cheap Jilly.
Black coffee for me and maybe a flapjack.

Ming the Merciless said...

Hmmm...it depends on my mood. If I want something sweet, I will get a Chai Latte with skim milk. But if I need caffeine, I'll get a cappuccino with skim milk. But if I'm already OVER-caffeinated, I'll get a cup of green tea.

I love winter shopping because it's cold and chilly, so a good cup of hot liquid is like heaven.

Dan said...

What a wonderful looking space Jilly. Great pic. The people watching thing is fun isn't it? I am trying to work up enough gumption to do some street photography of people have you tried that?

Sara said...

Love the photos...for me it is a latte or hot chocolate if it is winter...summer - would be a pepsi.

Wayne said...

What a great shot Jilly. I feel like I am there. And then I feel a little dizzy at the size of the place. Awesome. I like a Blizzard when I shop at the mall. It is an ice cream treat made by a company called Dairy Queen. It is decadent, and delicious!

Anonymous said...

Can't go past a good coffee, Jilly. Very nice spot, the Metropole.

Olga said...

Mmm, I love Metropole shopping center. Our hotel was accross the road (former Loews), so we visited it every day ;)

I know they'd been closed for renovation for a while. I remember there was a really nice Christian Lacroix boutique and a pretty good little grocery store (on the "underground floor", if you take a little staircase from the first floor on the right at the entrance facing Loews). I wonder if these shops are still there?

Also, FNAC had internet access ;)

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