04 December 2007

Kermesse - Le Chapiteau

This is the Big Top in Fontvieille. The Kermesse is held here each year, as is the dog show, the world-renowned circus competition, of course and all the big fairs. Fontvieille, which includes the apartment buildings you see, is built on land totally reclaimed from the sea. You can see the heliport - the flat white building. Menton and Italy are in the distance.

Tomorrow, we'll go back inside.


Janet said...

Pretty tent tops! Almost looks like a ballet.

Wayne said...

That's a great shot Jilly. Very pretty scene, and excellent narrative.

Ming the Merciless said...

HA! Trust Monte Carlo to pitch stylish designer tents instead of the regular simple ones.

Kate said...

The shape of the tents elevate them from mere tents to something picturesque. I haven't heard the term "kermesse" for years. As a child, I attended them regularly in a small town on Lake Michigan.

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