09 December 2007

Eglise Saint-Nicolas

An early morning photograph so perhaps a little too much shadow? This lovely church at Place du Campanile Saint-Nicolas was built between 1987 - 1989 in Fontvieille - the area of Monaco reclaimed from the sea. Its dedication to St. Nicolas is taken from the ancient church on Le Rocher, which was razed in 1873 to make way for the Cathedral of Monaco. The baptistry comes from the earlier church.

Although the exact date fo the construction of the first parish church cannot be traced in any archives, tradition leads us to believe that the church mention by Pope Innocent IV in December 1247, authorising the Genoese to build a chapel there, could well have been the first ever parish church. Such a church, placed under the patronage of Saint Nicholas of Myra was mentioned for the first time in 1322.

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