12 December 2007


This is Monaco taken from the medieval village of Roquebrune. I went up there today to photograph the village for Menton Daily Photo. In this photograph, you can see le Rocher (the Rock) in the background. This is the oldest area of Monaco and is where you'll find the Palace and the Oceanographic museum and of course the oldest streets in Monaco.

Beyond the Rocher - an area you can't see in this photograph - is Fontvieille, which is the part of Monaco reclaimed from the sea.

You can see the main port of Monaco, this side of the Rocher, and nearer to us still is the area where you'll find the casino - that's slightly to the right of the edifice, built out to sea, which used to be called Lowe's Hotel but is now known as the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

The boundary of Monaco and France is more or less the Monte Carlo Bay Resort which you can see on the promontory that juts out to sea - before the rugged coast line which is France. Indeed, the houses on the hillside in the foreground are in Roquebrune-cap-Martin, France.


Pat said...

Oh, what a view! I'd love to visit there someday!


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Felicia said...

Beautiful view! So where is Menton from here?

Jilly said...


Menton is behind us as we look at the photo.

If you start at the Italian border, you then have Menton. Then Roquebrune-cap-Martin. Then Monaco.

Curly said...

Fantastic viewpoint you have found for this picture Jilly.

from South Shields Daily Photo

Chris said...

Like I said. .. .Don't tempt me! I would love to get over there sometime!

isa said...

Keep the diamonds, this is my kind of "rock" ;-)

Rob said...

Spectacular view! I could sit and watch this view all day!

Mo said...

Absolutely beathtaking!

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