07 December 2007

Kermesse - Archbishop of Monaco

Meet His Excellency Monsignor Bernard Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco. He was wandering around the Kermesse at the same time as Prince Albert and his entourage.

On November 19th, 2005, coinciding with Monaco's National Day, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II was formally enthroned as Sovereign. An emotional Mass was held in the 19th century Cathedral, conducted by Monsignor Barsi and attended by more than 800 invited guests, including H.R.H.the Princess of Hanover and H.S.H. Princess Stephanie and their families.

"By rising to the Grimaldi throne, Prince Albert finds His place in the continuity of this dynasty and with the help fo God, carries forward the destiny of the Principality dating back more than seven centuries."


Chris said...

I love this photo. . . It seems like Msgr. has a bunch of groupies following him!! ;-)

Thanks for answering my questions. I'm going to email you privately about the dog shows.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I'm so enjoying these pics Jilly. I'm currently in Miami so haven't been able to check in everyday as I am used to...but when I get back I shall surely take my own sweet time to enjoy each and every one of these pictures :-)

Wayne said...

What a cool series this had been. Very engaging. I am learning so much!

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