20 December 2007

Tree of trees

Not just one tree, but made up of dozens of smaller trees. I have forgotten the number - could have been over a hundred. The Christmas tree looks strange to me amongst the palm trees of Casino Square. I took a photograph of it the other evening but the lights and my camera came to blows and it wasn't a good photograph.


isa said...

I have the same problem when seeing a Christmas tree downtown Naples...it looks so..so..wrong!
Anderson DP posted a holiday tree from her town square - it's a Magnolia! Now that makes sense to me.

Wayne said...

Today and yesterday, two very nice posts and nice pictures. NO knuckle wrapping! And extra bonus kudo points for actually getting them to pose!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

No knuckle rapping from me! :) I'm enjoying catching up on all your pictures Jilly.

This tree (even if it does seem out of place) should be quite pretty at night when it's all lit up ;)

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