15 December 2007

Metropole at Christmas - Teddy Bears

Looks like the Metropole shopping centre has a Christmas bear theme: a polar bear yesterday, today teddy bears. This display is at the entrance below the escalators that descend from the Casino gardens. Not easy to photograph because they are skating bears and as we know, skating bears not only go round and round in circles, but they spin at the same time...and very fast. Every time I clicked, I ended up with the back of a bear or a side view. Got it eventually. Happy skating!


NorthBayPhoto said...

Congrats on finally getting the bears to face the correct way (performers never seem to want to cooperate with photographers!!). LOL
Great shot, looks like a very fun place to shop.

isa said...

Too cute!
If you only threw on some skates yourself, you could keep up with them, Miss Nonconformist ;-)

Pat said...

Nice presentation! Really enjoy that picture.


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Janet said...

How cute! Shopping centers always seem to have such appealing decorations.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Ah Jilly. All you had to do was to climb over the fence and I'm sure you would have been able to get this perfect shot in no time!
OK, sure, you would have gotten yelled at by the guard, but...well...you're used to that by now! lol!!


Ming the Merciless said...

Hahaha!! Sometimes, I have to take over a dozen shots before I get one good photo.

The skating bears are totally adorable.

Wayne said...


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