19 December 2007

Service with a smile!

I had to pop in to Monaco today and so took advantage of the trip and went shopping at Carrefour, the big supermarket, in Fontvieille. Carrefour is better - by far - than any supermarket that Menton has to offer. It's fun shopping here. The food is fabulous - so fresh, the service is great and anyway it's nice to look at all the beautiful people. It's amazing who you bump into as you walk down the aisles.

Today, tho, they are offering an extra service. This is the escalator that goes down to the carpark and as you enter, with your fully laden trolley, these two friendly people, offer to come down with you and load up your car. Isn't that nice? I'm sorry the photo isn't very good. I took another looking back at this couple and they posed for me brilliantly but it's blurred. I'd got the wrong settings. Wrap on knuckles for Jilly.

And did I take advantage of their offer? Well, no I didn't. I like to transfer stuff slowly to bags and boxes but it was nice to be asked.


Ming the Merciless said...

Really lovely and smart uniforms.

Kate said...

Had to smile at your comment about popping into Monte Carlo. Just an ordinary day in this little community ;)!!

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