13 December 2007

Monte Carlo Ladies - 8

Of course my Monte Carlo ladies, aren't always ladies who live in Monaco. I would imagine this glamorous lady is a visitor to the Principality - and I hope that's not real fur!

Here she is, with her man, looking in the VERY expensive jewellery shop next to the Café de Paris on Casino Square.


Chris said...

I'm a bit confused by the coat and the Menton photo. . . .What is your weather right now, Jilly? It looks warm in the one photo, but the coat makes me think it chilly. ??

Jilly said...

Chris, I do see how confusing it is!

Well the photograph of Monaco taken from Roquebrune village - and the ones of the beach on Menton DP were all taken two days ago on the 12th December.

This photograph of the couple was taken on the 10th December, two days earlier. It was a sunny day but it was very windy - but still with that blue blue sky as I've others taken that day and you'd not have known of the wind. Of course it was that very wind that blew all the muck away! Hence perfect blue sky.

I expect this couple were wearing coats 1. cos of wind and 2. cos they are in dressed-up mode for Monaco! The wind was cold tho - I remembering having a jacket on that day.

Here, in winter, when the sun is shining it's wonderfully warm, but as soon as the sun goes down or behind a cloud, it can be chilly. I'm wearing thermal underwear all the time - visitors don't!

Pat said...

I wonder if they were looking at special rings in the store window?

Nice shots, Jilly!


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Z said...

I'm with you with the fur thought. BTW, gah, just looking at those stiletto heels makes my feet hurt!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol! I saw those heels and thought, "oooooh nice shoes!! I'd love to have a pair of those!" :-D

Ming the Merciless said...

Jilly, I never understood the appeal of EXPENSIVE jewelries because they are essentially stones. :-)

That said, I bet the guy is about to spend A LOT of money at the store.

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