03 December 2007

Kermesse - Paella

Here you see Prince Albert sitting down to paella with the various organisers of the Kermesse. Don't you love that here you see a Prince drinking out of a plastic cup and I'm pretty sure those bowls are plastic too. Personally, I have a lot of time for Prince Albert - his interests are sport, the environment, Aids charities and much more. He always has time for people. I watched him as he walked around the Kermesse, meeting and greeting people with time to spare and with real interest.

The gentleman in the foreground is Colonel Lamblin. He used to be the late Prince Rainier's Chamberlain and stayed on for a while to help Prince Albert. Now he is retired but as you see is clearly delighted to be spending time with the Prince again.


Janet said...

He sounds like a prince of a guy!

Ming the Merciless said...

It's great to see Prince Albert breaking bread with the locals without the fancy china and stuff.

isa said...

Well, at least you gave him real silverware ;-)

Look at you, Miss Jilly, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, while I chase lizards from my lanai!

Teri said...

Oh my, that paella looks GOOD!

Wayne said...

Jilly, he sounds like the kind of Prince that you can love. Very nice to learn about him from you.

Web-OJ said...

The food looks yummy. How nice of the Prince to be so humble.

Anonymous said...

You must be "somebody" yourself to be allowed in what must be a very upmarket kind of event. I suspect entry to the dinner is bloody expensive?

Nice to think that the Prince has time for people. But then if you didn't have time on your hands as a Prince, who would?

I may sound mean but in fact he DOES look like a very likeable kind of guy.
Paella, yummmmmmm!

Jilly said...

Nathalie - Goodness, no, I'm NOBODY! Anyone and everyone goes to the Kermesse. It's a charity fair and they want loads of people to buy stuff in aid of the various churches/charities. Entry is free. You can buy lunch and just sit down anywhere. There was a long table just for the Prince but people sat nearby. There are a few bodyguards about but otherwise it's very laid back.

You know, I saw in Nice-Matin next day that the Prince had attended so many events that day including the Aids charity event, so I don't know that he does have that much time on his hands. Yes, I think he's a very nice guy from what I hear of people who know him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Jilly. I had no idea the Prince was so approachable. That's nice!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Jilly, I'm totally incoditionally agree with you about your opinion of Prince Albert of Monaco. He showed to the world how a honest man and devoted son must behave. I mean when he admitted to have had a son just when his father died.

I'm also proud that Toroc (Torino Olympic Committee) let him to run in Torino with Olympic Torch, like an Italian citizen. I like him so so much.

• Eliane • said...

I still think he should change those macho monegasque rules. I think I told you before that I stumbled on a series of articles on what it takes to become monegasque. I appreciate the history value of those medieval laws and probably what it would represent financially to amend them, but this is so retro for a prince who drink his wine in plastic cups. ;)
And I am not particularly feminist, just saying.

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