18 December 2007

Metropole at Christmas - A letter to Santa

La Poste de Monaco replies to all letters sent to Father Christmas. Children can post their letters in this special box in the Metropole Shopping Centre or in any public mailbox in Monte Carlo. Monaco Post Office has 5000 cards - written by Santa Claus, bien sûr - ready printed to send out in reply. According to Nice-Matin, they've already received over 200 letters, some quite moving where children ask for gifts to be sent to more needy children. One joker, doubtless an adult, asked for a Ferrari and a yacht. He got a reply telling him that 'There isn't enough room in Le Père Noël's sack!'


NorthBayPhoto said...

Cute bear and great programme that the post office offers. Here in Canada, Canada Post offers a similiar service. I think it's wonderful.

Wayne said...

It's so nice to hear of places in the world where they can acknowledge the wonder and innocence of childhood.

Ming the Merciless said...

Cute bear on top of the post box.

If I could, I would write one asking for a month's vacation in Monaco.

Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol :-D

I'm with Ming, except that I'd ask for two weeks in Monte Carlo and Two weeks in Menton! ;-)

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