05 December 2007

Kermesse - Books

Books - certainly the reason I go to the Kermesse - apart from it being a great social get-together with friends. Amongst the many stalls are two selling books: one with books in French and the other - the larger stall - has books in English. At the English book stall, as soon as one book is sold, there is another to replace it. The hardbacks were 2 euros this year and the paperbacks were, I think, 1 euro. Many people arrive with a bag of books (this is a charity after all) hand them over and then proceed to buy more.

You can see, behind the stall, one of the supports for the circus roof that you saw yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll show you how inexpensive food can be in Monte Carlo.


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed the Kermesse photos Jilly. I'm a fan of Prince Albert too, with the little that I know of him. What a wonderful event for the Monaco residents.

isa said...

I hope you were selling books, not buying them, Jilly ;-)
Didn't you mention once that you have no more room for books in your place?

Wayne said...

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS... Jilly... I LOVE BOOKS!!! MORE BOOKS! MORE BOOKS! That looks like a wonderful place to spend an hour loading up two or three great big bags full of books!

Jilly said...

Isabella - oh dear you've a good memory. I can't resist books (like Wayne) and yes, did I buy a few! One tho, called Cote d'Azur and published in the 1930s is fascinating and might offer some useful information for the Menton and Monte Carlo DP blogs. So method in my madness, she said, full of excuses.

Ming the Merciless said...

What a great idea to raise money for charity!?!

So did you buy any books?

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