06 December 2007

Kermesse - Lunch

I promised you inexpensive food. Look at those prices. The food is all home-cooked and really good too.


Ming the Merciless said...

Oh my! Would I be piggish if I had a serving of lasagna and one of ravioli?

I have a friend who hates the word, cheap. She prefers the word, inexpensive.

Example: "I'm an inexpensive date!" sounds so much better than "I'm a cheap date!"

Chris said...

Jilly, I've been out of town for a few days and am just catching up on Kermesse, hence, I'm writing all of my comments on your post for today.

The entire thing interests me greatly. Are there a lot of Brits living in MC? Are they there year-round, or is it mostly vacation or part-time? Actually, what percentage of those living in MC is foreign-born?

I'm glad Albert is as friendly as he seems from your posts. We don't hear much about him in the States anymore. He's not married, right?

When is the MC dog show? Do you judge? Do you, by the way, ever get over for Westminster?

The food looks great. I'll be right over. . . . .LOL

Rob said...

A lot of food here! Now I'm huingry. ;)

Wayne said...

The prices must be good... those ladies look like they are serving it up as fast as they can! Neat pics.

• Eliane • said...

I'll try the polenta avec ses saucisses en daube, please.

Jilly said...

Ming - you are so right. I've changed the word from cheap to inexpensive on this posting and yesterday's where I said the same thing!

And Chris, yes, there are loads of Brits who live in Monaco and from many other countries too. I have no idea of percentages - but lots - residents have to live in Monaco for a minimum of six months of the year to be able to take advantage of the tax privileges for residents.

Albert is not married but he has a beautiful south African girlfriend - a sportswoman - and one hopes, after the next Olympics, in which she will probably compete, there might be a marraige announcement. Who knows?

The MC dog show in in April or May. Yes I judge at International level - just Old English Sheepdogs. I have judged twice in America, once at the National Speciality - that year in Rhode Island. A great honour for me. Have judged all over the world but that and Crufts in England were highlights, of course.

Not been to Westminster yet. they only have a limited entry of any particular breed so not as interesting for me, as a National Speciality where - for instance, when I judged, there were over 200 Old English Sheepdogs.

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